Gabriel J. Klein

Guardians Year 146


Not all is as it seems within the ancient fief of Meane Manor. Eccentric recluse, Sir Jonas Pring, is Master of the century-old, secret brotherhood, the Guardians of the Runes of the Deathless. When one of the fabled Galdramerar, the grey mares favoured by the Valkyrs, is born to the best of his broodmares, he is convinced that he is the chosen warrior destined to win the last and the greatest of the runes. But time and age are against him. The filly, Kyri, forms an enduring attachment with thirteen year old Caz Wylde who is present at her birth, and Sir Jonas has no choice but to accept Caz as his apprentice and teach him all he knows about the runes and the God who rules them. But Caz has ideas of his own and they are soon locked into a bitter rivalry that will divide the Guardians and threaten their loyalty to the Oath of Allegiance.

When Caz discovers why his beloved mares have been bred, he realises he must fight to save them. To challenge the God he must cross the threshold between time and space where the warriors who hunt the skies on the night of the Winter Solstice are more than myth. When horses are hag-ridden, everything is real.

With the help of Kyri and her mother Bryn, Caz’s favourite horse, he wins the first of the Runes of the Deathless. But for every gift the God demands payment - the greater the gift, the greater the sacrifice that must be made in return. Caz is permitted to return home to the Shadowed World but the price he has to pay is more than he can ever imagine and his life will never be the same again.



The gift and the sacrifice

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